Barry Rudolph

(Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hall & Oates, Pat Benatar)

“I have two EQP-500X and two MEQ-500 (Jack Douglas version) Pultec Equalizer modules. I use them every time I boot up for a session and they are in my Pro Tools I/O and template.

I recently used the MEQ-500 on Pat Benatar’s lead vocal and found a touch boost of the 8kHz opened up her sound without getting noticeably brighter and more strident sounding.

I like using the EQP-500X equalizers as program EQ since they work like “tone controls” on a stereo. I find them excellent for dark sounding drum overheads, orchestral instruments in general and string sections in particular.

They also are capable of the oldest Pultec trick there is: boost and cutting the same frequency at the same time!

Truly these are four of the most worthwhile equipment investments I own!”