MSRP: $5,295.00

Since rereleasing the EQP-1A & EQP-1S, customers have asked when we planned to do mastering versions of these iconic 3U products.  We are excited to introduce you to the mastering version of our ever-popular EQP-1S EQ, with a couple of extra tweaks.  Complete with full-range progressive-taper Elma Switch stepped controls as in our EQM-1A3, EQM-1S3 & EQM-1A mastering EQs, the BOOST/ATTEN controls provide 0.5dB steps for the initial ~50% of rotation and then increase step size as rotation is increased from 50%-100%. 

This provides fine control (subtle boost/cut) for mastering/mix-bus applications, while still delivering the full range (16-20 dB) of BOOST/ATTEN for more aggressive tracking/mixing applications.  In addition to adding mastering controls, we’ve replaced the 6k peak boost center frequency with the 16k center, which is so popular on the 1A/1A3 models.   So whether your track/mix needs the magical 16k air band or the full 5k/10k shelf boost, you have the option in a single equalizer.

We think we’ve created the ultimate Pultec and we believe you’ll agree!



30, 40, 70, 100 CPS (Hz) shelf boost, 0 – 13.5 dB (FRPT* stepped control, 0.5 dB steps 0-5 dB)

30, 40, 70, 100 CPS shelf attenuate, 0 – 17.5 dB (FRPT* stepped control, 0.5 dB steps 0-5 dB)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 KCS (kHz) peak boost, 0 – 18 dB (FRPT* stepped control, 0.5 dB steps 0-5 dB)

5, 10 KCS (kHz) shelf boost, 0 – 14.5 dB (FRPT* stepped control, 0.5 dB steps 0-5 dB)

5, 10, 20 KCS shelf attenuate, 0 – 16 dB (FRPT* stepped control, 0.5 dB steps 0-5 dB)

Input Impedance: ~600 Ohms

Output Impedance: ~50 Ohms

Noise: 92 dB below +10 dBm

Distortion: ≤ 0.15% at +10 dBm into 600 Ohms

Amplifier: Flat, 20 CPS to 20 KCS, +/- 0.5 dB

Tubes: 1 ea 12AU7, 12AX7, 6X4

*Note 1: FRPT = full-range, progressive-taper. Step size increases when control is rotated beyond 50% rotation.

Note 2: The inherent interaction of Pultec controls affects the step size when both boost and attenuation are applied simultaneously.