Jason Livermore

(Descendents, Rise Against, Flobots, The Suicide Machine)

My Pultec eqm1s3 mastering verison eq’s are the first thing I reach for when Im cutting drums.  I love them on Kick and Snare.  It’s so easy to gain size and smoothness with them.  After tracking drums, the bass guitar always gets some Pultec love too!  Once again,  BIG.   Finally, when mixing, the size and sparkle on mix buss cant be beat.  The detented steps on the mastering version make recalling a breeze too.

I have both the eqm1s3 and the 500 series eq’s.  The 500’s are also great!  They react the same as the tube versions, but are cleaner and punchier.  Ive used both on mix buss with great success.  If i want something a little more brilliant and snappy, I’ll use the 500’s.